Red Apple [Bloody Affair]

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Inspired by the Tarintinoverse, to adorn your lapel - Red Apple Cigarettes. Packed with a robust deep flavor, this is the perfect accessory to put on your lapel to help you identify other human beings with exemplary taste in film.

This limited edition two-pack includes both Original and Black Mamba colorways, with an additional layer of paint on top of the hard-enamel to give a "bloody-splattered" look.


You can get a steak here Daddy-O, don't be a ▢

  • Two-Pack (Original & Black Mamba)
  • 1.75"
  • Glistenin' Hard Enamel
  • Red "Blood-Splatter" effect painted on pins
  • (Back) Double-Post w/ Stamp 
  • Foil-Stamped First Edition Special Backboards

These blood-splattered boxes are truly limited edition in these colorways, and will not return in this format. This will be the only time to pickup the blood-splattered Red Apple's in Original and Black Mamba flavors.